Industries we Cater

Transportation and logistics were one of the first sectors to view on-demand revolution. The best solutions are the ones that bridge the gap between market demand and supply. Now delight your customers with an intuitive on-demand solution that brings them closer to your on-demand logistics offering.


As a restaurant owner, you must know that it is the right time to embrace technology and go mobile. Now earn precious customer reviews, promote your restaurant online and make faster deliveries with an on-demand solution from BizzSmartz. Build a digital footprint for your online business and grow your ROI, chop-chop!


Healthcare businesses are ripe for disruption, wherein customers are looking for convenience when they avail healthcare services. No matter if you need a fitness solution, nutrition, or workout solution, that meets the purpose of your offering, BizzSmartz helps develop custom solutions so that your esteemed customers don’t have to go for alternatives when they are bonded by your feature-rich on-demand app.

Event Management

Event management business is highly unorganized today. As the business owner, you are required to bring multiple stakeholders together on one platform. Enjoy the benefits of bringing all the entities involved in your event management business together, on one platform. Boost your ROI, streamline your day-to-day tasks, and enjoy seamless payments with a custom solution for your on-demand business.


If you offer services/products on a fixed-fee and time-bound model, on-demand solutions are complementary to your business. Achieve faster deliveries, minimize redundancies, better order completion rates, and above all incremental customer satisfaction, through a single on-demand solution for your rental business. Step on a growth trajectory and expand your business today with rental on-demand solutions from BizzSmartz.

Utility and Services

Does your business help customers with their day-to-day hassles? If yes, a utility on-demand app is meant for your customers. At BizzSmartz, we bring together the latest technologies, like IoT, Beacon, etc., to ease connectivity across multiple devices. Be it carpenter services, home cleaning, or plumber services, BizzSmartz delivers customized solutions to help grow your on-demand business explosively.

BizzSmartz On-Demand Solution Features

Customer expectations are ever-evolving. Lead the era of change and drive sales for your on-demand business with a custom ‘n’ native on-demand app. Enjoy added security via cloud deployment and gain real-time insights across your complete business infrastructure with on-demand solutions from BizzSmartz.

  1. Simplified User Onboarding
  2. Dynamic Allocation/Selection
  3. Push Alerts & Notifications
  4. Help & Feedback
  5. Multiple Payment Methods
  6. Live Tracking
  7. Customer Reviews
  1. Seamless Onboarding
  2. Faster Order Handling
  3. Payment Statements
  4. Traffic Heat Maps
  5. Customer Ratings & Contact
  6. Accept/Reject Requests
  7. Easy Profile Management
  1. Robust Task Management
  2. Manage Pricing & Remuneration
  3. Reviews & Feedback Monitoring
  4. Transaction Details Access
  5. Live Order Tracking
  6. Real-time Notifications
  7. Traffic Heat Maps
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