Enjoy the benefits of a single point-of-contact for your complete project execution. Step beyond lines to get your problems resolved. Get a dedicated remote team/individual for your on-demand solution development and deployment, across the complete project lifecycle.


  1. Your own personal team, minus hiring, infrastructure costs, and payroll.
  2. Your cloud employee works on your project dedicatedly and reports you, directly.
  3. The cloud employee’s primary KRA is to update you on day-to-day tasks and follow your execution process.
  4. Cloud Employee(s) can be positioned out of any of our 8 worldwide locations, namely: Rochester, Toronto, Oslo, Singapore, LA, Chandigarh, Mohali, or Gurgaon.

Step into the world of a seamless on-demand development process with BizzSmartz Project-based Engagement model. If you have a good idea of your requirement, this model is the recommended one. Under this time-bound engagement model, once you set the requirements, all you need to do is: sit back and see your on-demand solution rollout into success.


  1. Once you sign up, a Service Rep. collects your requirement and assigns a team on the basis of bandwidth required.
  2. A dedicated Technical Project manager will be allocated to your project, who will stay in close communication with you throughout the project lifecycle.
  3. Your solution achieves faster deployment via Agile Scrum software development process (using Jira).
  4. Enjoy the benefits of a flat fee and a set timeline, communicated to you at project initiation itself.
  5. Your on-demand solution will take shape across any of BizzSmartz’s world-class, global development centers.

Get your own scalable team, available to work on short notice, minus the hassles of hiring expert on-demand developers. Imagine an expert team of on-demand professionals for short notice – high volume, development requirements. The team can be scaled up for a particular module of your solution under a particular phase, for example. Later, at the time of launch, if you need to ramp up solution development, the scrum team model comes handly with a flexible & scalable cloud workforce.


  1. Safeguard your IP with strict confidentiality clause from BizzSmartz. All the work happens on a “need to know” basis.
  2. Your cloud team is scalable as per your needs. Forget the hassles of hiring expert developer(s) at a short notice when you work with BizzSmartz.
  3. Achieve faster project execution, with an additional influx of manpower. Imagine it to be an extension of your current team, working on your project, dedicatedly.
  4. Under this model, forget the hassles of catching up with the team. The BizzSmartz team ensures project execution is seamless with end-to-end functionality coverage.

Now streamline the technology-side of your business with SaaS (Software as a Service) – based engagement model from BizzSmartz. Pay one-time setup costs for availing a custom on-demand solution for your business, and get a remote team to help with your day-to-day technology needs. If you need some new features in your on-demand solution or eliminate existing ones, or redefine UX, for example, the BizzSmartz team gets it done for you, in the blink of a second for a fixed monthly fee.


Achieve complete peace of mind with a remote team that is technically sound and knows what works best for your end-customer.

  1. Expand as you scale. Now your on-demand solution is freely scalable, no matter how many locations your solution enters, or customers you onboard.
  2. Build on the robust technical infrastructure and a custom on-demand solution that reinforces your brand presence online.
  3. Under this model, you never have to worry about getting updates. Your remote team delivers seamless project execution while managing day-to-day technical challenges and exhaustive functionality enhancement.
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