Case Studies

United States Taxi and Dispatch Services


  1. Support Automatic Fare Calculation & Route Optimization
  2. Enable Advance Booking and Ride Cost Estimates
  3. Custom Branding with Multiple Payment Options

BizzSmartz Approach

  1. Custom iOS + Android solution for Drive & Passenger
  2. GPS, Admin Dispatcher, and Route Optimization
  3. Real-time Driver View with Dedicated Server Hosting

Limousine Rental Service in Brooklyn, USA


  1. Shorten the pickup request-acceptance cycle
  2. Central control over cars, drivers, fees & reports
  3. GPS tracking with advanced route optimization

BizzSmartz Approach

  1. Reservation module with real-time driver view
  2. Custom payment gateways and GPS Enablements
  3. Company admin dashboard with advanced analytics

Security Solutions Company

On-Demand Security Guard Hiring Service

Primary Challenges

  1. Deliver a robust solution on short timelines
  2. Payment split system across multiple recipents
  3. Deliver VPN solution for seamless client environment access


  1. Mobile apps with location tracking were deployed
  2. Implement current business model on a digital platform
  3. PHP-based solution, customized as per the end-customer

Colorado-based Company to deliver local experiences


  1. Build real-time app to reserve transportation
  2. Admin panel to manage content and pull data reports
  3. Centralize access to reservations & event bookings


  1. Real-time local transportation tracking & updates
  2. Admin panel with CMS and Analytics integration
  3. Seamless central access to reservations & event bookings
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