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Right from ideation, we follow your brand guideline, in order to make our solution resonate with your on-demand business. Imagine controlling your business through a central dashboard, curated to your business requirements, and crafted as per your customers’ needs.

Growing your brand presence is all about attracting customers. In order to retain them, we bet on delivering a unique experience, with a seamless user interface. Avail benefits like:

  1. Simplified User Onboarding
  2. Dynamic Allocation/Selection
  3. Push Alerts & Notifications
  4. Help & Feedback
  5. Multiple Payment Methods
  6. Live Tracking
  7. Customer Reviews

We build solutions that cut short the usual order “accept-deliver” cycle. Hence, your service providers avail faster deliveries, greater revenue, and reduced costs every day. Some benefits:

  1. Seamless Onboarding
  2. Faster Order Handling
  3. Traffic Heat Maps
  4. Customer Ratings & Contact
  5. Accept/Reject Requests
  6. Easy Profile Management
  7. Availability Tracker

As a business owner, you must have a bird’s eye view into day-to-day activities. Our solution enables you to oversee reviews, manage users, pricing, service requests and a lot more.

  1. Robust Task Management
  2. Manage Pricing & Remuneration
  3. Reviews & Feedback Monitoring
  4. Transaction Details Access
  5. Live Order Tracking
  6. Real-time Notifications
  7. Traffic Heat Maps
BizzSmartz Benefits

The on-demand solution we build for you will be in-line with your branding & business needs.

& Scalable

Our solutions are fail-proof and can be scaled up to accommodate more entities as your team grows.


Select your preferred payment gateway in order to deliver a safe & secure purchase for your customer.

& Support

Your business stays up & running with our 24X7 support and instant response to queries, bugs, or grievances.


Enjoy the benefits of faster deliveries and save on workforce costs with advanced GPS tracking features.


Offer convenience to your esteemed customers in the form of pre-order or pre-booking your services.

BizzSmartz On-Demand Solutions
The fastest go-to-market strategy for your on-demand business
Requirement Analysis

Before development starts, we connect with you to identify the primary pain points of your audience.

Strategy Planning

Once we know what your audience needs, a customer acquisition-retention strategy comes into play.

Front End

Our team of strategists crafts a definitive outlook and user flow for your solution with experience & convenience in mind.

Back End

In order to deliver seamless tracking & analytics, every event on any of the app(s) is linked back to a cloud-based central database.

Test & Launch

After successful development, we conduct rigorous Quality Analysis in order to eliminate any discrepancies before you go live.

Our Enterprise Customers
Our core minds
Manipal Dhariwal
CEO & Founder
John Ogden
General Manager
Parth Gargish
Vice President- Business & Operations
What our clients say
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Niraj Dubey

BizzSmartz has helped us go a long way in fleet management in USA. Their response time and support are commendable. BizzSmartz is one of our most trusted business partner and we are already working with them on expanding our fleet management services across different countries. We appreciate the services provided by them and look forward to working with BizzSmartz in future

Spencer Wood
Tip Whip, LLC
Founder & CEO

It has been an amazing start to 2017 for Tip Whip and we have the hard work and dedication of the BizzSmartz team to thank. I would personally like to thank all of you for helping me make my dreams come true. Your communication, patience, and execution of my visions have been nothing but the best. We are competing and beating multi-billion dollar companies like Uber and Lyft with our platform.

Ali Halim
Sky Limo

It’s worth what I pay for. It has helped me to improve my business and compete with other providers like Uber and Lyft. Both my client and me enjoy using the App. Very easy to use. My clients say they like it better than Uber and Lyft Apps. Everything is totally perfect! I can’t thank you enough for the excellent service you provide me. I’m impressed by the customer service!

Alpha Car & Limo

Bizzsmartz was very professional every step of the way. They share their knowledge and willingly co-operate to find a right solution. They don’t shy away from some extra job and make sure you are satisfied. I plan to continue working with them to maintain and increase the high targets that we achieved.


Why should I get an on-demand solution for my business?

If your business is remotely related to the model, where your customers request for a product/service and you deliver; an on-demand solution is meant for you. Be it rental services, domestic help, healthcare, or F&B, our on-demand solutions help one & all.

Do I get app analytics for deliveries and orders?

Yes. BizzSmartz offers dedicated analytics, right from onboarding to dispatch and delivery to customer review.

If I opt for your solution, what change can I expect in my current business process?

Once you do, you will have instant access to all your data on the cloud, while your customers will enjoy the convenience of accessing your services 24X7.

Do you offer post-deployment services for on-demand solutions?

Yes. If required, we provide services for seamless operations of the on-demand solution we deployed for your business.

What is the time-frame involved in developing a healthcare on-demand solution?

At BizzSmartz, project delivery happens within strict deadlines. On the basis of the requirement, it takes about 5-7 weeks to deliver you a complete & bug-free solution.

What are the different engagement models you offer?

As per your requirement & preference, we offer different engagement models to suit your needs. Read more on BizzSmartz Engagement Model here.

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